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The European funded project, the Internet of Bees (IoBee), is applying new technologies including beehive monitoring and satellite mapping to help improve the health of bees. IoBee is developing workshops and planning field tests around Europe, and it is soon...

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Mientras la Unión Europea apunta a un sistema agrícola más sostenible en las negociaciones para la reforma de la Política Agrícola Común, BeeLife publica su último documento sobre Por qué necesitamos a las abejas como indicadores en la próxima PAC...

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Alors que l'UE aspire à un système agricole plus durable dans le cadre des négociations sur la réforme de la Politique Agricole Commune, BeeLife publie son dernier document intitulé "Pourquoi nous avons besoin des abeilles en tant qu'indicateurs da...

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As the EU is aiming towards a more sustainable agricultural system in the negotiations for the Common Agricultural Policy reform, BeeLife publishes its latest document on Why We Need Bees as Indicators in the Next CAP. We firmly state that a Poll...

February 28, 2019

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L' "Internet delle api" – IoBee -, progetto internazionale finanziato dall'Unione europea per migliorare la salute delle api, riprende il proprio tour in Europa a partire dall’Italia.

Presentare gli obiettivi e i passi avanti compiuti dal pro...

February 28, 2019

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The Internet of Bees (IoBee), a project financed by the European Union to improve the health of bees, is resuming its tour around Europe and is now reaching Italy. The project is aiming to better listen to the opinions of Italian beekeepers and...

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La organización de campañas ciudadanas WeMove está reuniendo firmas para una petición que exige dejar de subvencionar la agricultura industrial. WeMove es miembro de la CAPNGO, una asociación de ONGs que trabajan por un sistema agrícola más sosten...

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L'organisation WeMove rassemble des signatures pour une pétition intitulée Stop à la subvention de l'agriculture industrielle! WeMove est membre de CAPNGO, une association d’ONG œuvrant pour un système agricole plus durable dans l’UE, à laquelle pa...

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Campaigning organisation WeMove is gathering signatures for a petition to Stop Subsidising Industrial Farming. WeMove is a member of CAPNGO, an association of NGOs who are working for a more sustainable agriculture system in the EU, in which BeeLi...

February 19, 2019

IoBee continues its tour around Europe in the form of national workshops to reach and share with local beekeepers and decision-makers among beekeeping associations. This time, in the 3rd IoBee workshop, we were able to share with beekeepers from the Féderation Français...

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